If you have ever thought about covering an event in town, such as your child’s Spring concert, or the annual independence Day Parade, then volunteer with BCAM TV. Have no experience with field production? No problem! After being trained by our staff on how to use our equipment, you will be well prepared to head out and cover and event of your choice. You will learn how to set up a camera, how to work the audio, and more. This is a great way to acquire new skills, and we are always looking for
motivated people to join our crew. BCAM TV-Tell Your Story.
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Gerry and Wes are working on Heaven’s Kitchen with Janelle at Janelle’s house. This is a three camera production utilizing the Sony Anycast, our Sony PMW 320 and XD 3 Cameras, as well as our Philips Selecon LED light kit. This shoot is a lot of work but a lot of fun and you can be part of it.

BCAM TV covers Braintree sports year round. 9 months of the year we produce an average of 4 games a week. If you like sports and sports television then there is no place better for you than BCAM TV! Work on high school games or the Braintree White Sox with our staff or cover your child’s game.

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