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Producers are managers in television. They have an idea for a show and then they determine what pieces they need to make their idea a reality. The producer interacts with camera people, audio people, and the director and editors. They may or may not have the technical expertise to do some of these jobs themselves; what they do have is a good idea and the ability to bring all of the talented people together to make a great show.

If you think you have those skills then give BCAM TV a call and start creating great public access television…BCAM TV- Tell Your Story.
BCAM TV Producers

Janelle is a true public access success story having come to BCAM with a great idea but no television experience. Janelle learned to shoot, edit and produce her show so well that Heaven’s Kitchen With Janelle is now one of the most popular programs on BCAM TV.

Paul Agnew and John Capavella have been entertaining television viewers of Braintree for over ten years performing ageless favorites in their show Songbook. Paul and John are dedicated access users who are in our studio every two weeks producing two new shows

Songbook 3