BCAM TV is a local resource if you need television production equipment and don’t want to pay Boston prices. We have Sony PMW 320 news cameras, Sony PMW 200 field cameras along with all of the batteries, tripods and audio gear including wireless lavs and handhelds. We also have Philips Selecon battery operated field LED lights. If you need studio space with a great looking set look no further. Our 800sf set is equipped with three Sony PMW 320 cameras and a grid full of LED dimmable lights. Our control room is equipped with a 16 channel Mackie audio board, a Crossover 12 input switcher, easy to use Compix Graphics, redundant Ki Pros for recording, Clear Com intercom and teleprompter.


Once your shooting is done you can edit with us as well. We have five suites including Final Cut 7, Final Cut X and Adobe Premier.  We can also provide production assistance with your planning, production and editing.


Please contact us if you would like to talk about how we can help you with your next project.

  • field production
  • facility rental
  • post production
IMG 4450

Philips Selecon Battery Operated 3 Flat Panel Led Light kit

$200.00 /day
IMG 4405

Manfotto tripod

$75.00 /day
IMG 4409

Sony EX1-R HD Solid state camera

$175.00 /day
IMG 4430

Sony PMW 320 HD Solid state camera

$225.00 /day
IMG 4418

Sony UWP V1 Wireless lavalier microphone

$50.00 /day
IMG 4424

Sony UWP V2 Wireless hand held microphone

$50.00 /day

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