Program Sponsorships


Pick Your Sport:

Show your community support by helping us deliver television coverage of Braintree Sports! By partnering with BCAM TV, and similar in style to a PBS spot, you will receive a 20 second video spot that highlights your business. Sponsors can purchase up to four spots per game for $50 each, but we do ask that each sponsor commit to a full season of ten games. You will have the option to sponsor one sport or spread your spots among all of the sports covered by BCAM. 


BCAM is a non-commercial television station which means we can't play traditional commercials with a call-to-action but we can accept underwriters in much the same way that public television does. All of our programming is seen in over 12,000 cable homes in Braintree regardless of who the cable provider is.


20 Second Video Spot: 

The 20 second video spot that comes with sponsoring our programs includes showing the exterior of your business or your organization's logo on our programs, and our announcers will credit your business and explain how our programming is not possible without your help. The cost of producing the spot is included in your sponsorship. This is an inexpensive, easy way to show your company's support for local sports and programming while promotions your business to over 12,000 cable homes and across the internet.


For more information please contact Wes Rea 781-848-1831 or

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